Enquiry of Lost and Stolen Property in Singapore

Lost and Stolen Property in Singapore Losing something could make you anxious. However, you’ll need to stay calm and find what you can do to get it back. Here is everything you need to know about lost and stolen property in Singapore and what to do about it.   First Thing’s First, Stay Calm Things

Pet Flyers: Ultimate Guide to Writing Them

Making Pet Flyers for Your Missing Beloved Animals In case your pet goes missing and you put up posters, but no one has called you yet, you might have to improve your poster. Since you want to find your missing pet right away, it has to effectively catch people’s attention. Your poster must be unique,

Psychological Effects of Losing a Pet

What Losing a Pet Can Do to Your Mental Health Losing a pet is usually a devastating and deeply painful experience. It is not recognized in society how traumatic it is to lose a pet and how much it can impact physical and emotional health. The period of grief from losing a pet can be

10 Unusual Pets You Can Find

You Can Have These 10 Exotic and Unusual Pets in Singapore Those who belong to the animal rights group and the public always have a negative view of unusual animals being pets. Once they see that you own unusual pets, they are going to have negative thoughts and say things like you can’t keep it

How to Take Care of Dogs Temporarily

Man’s Best Friend: Learning How to Take Care of Dogs Temporarily Knowing how to take care of dogs temporarily might be new to you. Good news for you: Dogs are known as man’s best friend because of their loyalty and unconditional love they can give their owners. Sometimes, people who find a lost dog and

Lost Bird in Singapore: What to Do

Find Your Lost Bird in Singapore People deeply care for their pets and they feel sad when their pet gets lost. They can run away and there could be many reasons why. Regardless of what the reason is, losing a pet bird is painful and it can be harder to find them because they can

Stray Cats and Feral Cats

What Makes Stray Cats and Feral Cats Different There are many people who think that all free-roaming cats are feral, but that is not the case because some are strays. If you know what makes them different, you will be able to interact better with them. In addition, you will find out how you can

Taking Care of Disabled Pets You’ve Found

Finding a Disabled Pet It can be challenging to care for disabled pets, especially when you found it unexpectedly. The animal does not know you and you do not know what it needs because you are not the owner. A disabled pet needs your care and attention until the owner has been found. This is

Types of Lost Pet Scams

About Types of Lost Pet Scams in Singapore When your pet gets lost, you can feel devastated and some people have the heart to take advantage of your misfortune. There are many reports about scammers who defraud pet owners who want nothing more than to be reunited with their pet. If you are a pet

How Microchipping Works for Your Pet

Know How Microchipping Works Wonders for Your Beloved Pets The microchip technology for pets is safe and simple, and that is what makes it brilliant. The main function of a microchip is to keep a unique ID number used for retrieving the contact information of its owner. It is not the same as a tracker

Why Cats Run Away from Their Owners

Reasons Why Cats Run Away Unexpectedly Cats are known to be curious animals. Their independence gives them the confidence to explore beyond their territory and mark it with their scent. In general, they do this to keep rival cats from invading their territory or to signal that they are available for mating. Since they are

Important Reasons Why You Must Microchip Your Pet

Microchip Your Pet: Benefits of Doing So A microchip is a permanent way of identifying your pet electronically. The chip is the size of a grain of rice and it will not hurt your pet. However, there have been claims lately that a microchip is useless and undetectable. Of course, it’s not true, but this

Lost Hamster in Singapore

Finding Your Lost Hamster in Singapore Do you like to take care of pet hamsters? In case one of them gets lost, will you be devastated? It is true that hamsters only live for two years, which is why you must give them the best life possible. That means making sure they stay safe and

Lost Rabbit in Singapore

Lost Rabbit in Singapore: Should You Panic? Responsible pet owners know what to do to make sure pets are kept safe in their homes. If you own a rabbit, you can put him in a suitable enclosure that is the right size for him to move freely. Make sure he has enough water, food, and

Steps To Follow If You Lose Your Wallet

Check Out Steps To Follow If You Lose Your Wallet In Singapore Life is uncertain and we never know what may happen. Have you ever lost your wallet or thought about what you will do if you lose your purse? We sure know that nobody wants that to happen because a wallet is such a

Things to Know About Lost and Found Singapore Police

Introduction to Lost and Found Singapore Police If someone stole your property in Singapore, do not lose hope because the lost and found Singapore police can help you recover it. There is the Singapore Police Force, which is an organization handled by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Their goal is to stop, block, and detect

Things to Do When My Wallet Lost in Singapore

About My Wallet Lost in Singapore Every person has had their misfortunes, and one of them is misplacing your items. Many of your belongings can easily be replaced, but the most painful thing is to lose your wallet. It can happen anywhere, even overseas. I will tell you about my wallet lost in Singapore when

What to do in Case of a Lost Cat in Singapore

Introduction to Lost Cat in Singapore If you happen to find a lost cat Singapore, you must not be careless about approaching it. Yes, it is surprising to find someone’s lost pet, and you definitely want to help. You know that it is devastating for the owner and the cat to be separated from each

How to Avoid Lost Pet Scams

Start to Know and Avoid Lost Pet Scams It is devastating to lose a pet. There are many reports about scammers trying to fool heartbroken people for their own benefit. Pet owners should be wary of lost pet scams, but they should know what they are so they can easily identify them. This way, the

Why Dogs Run Away from Owners

Find Out Why Dogs Run Away from Owners There are many dogs in the shelter that ran away from home and no one claims them. This is very sad and it is the worry of dog owners. They want to give freedom to their dogs by making sure they have room to run and play while keeping

The Lost Exotic Pets in Singapore

The Details You Need to Know About Lost Exotic Pets in Singapore It does not matter if they are big, small, aquatic, spikey, or furry, because people love animals. Even the ones that they are not supposed to have as pets. In Singapore, not all animals can be owned as pets. In this post, you will

Learn About Lost Dog in Singapore

What to Do in Case There’s a Lost Dog in Singapore When a dog gets lost, it is distressing for the dog and the owner. A lost dog in Singapore is not rare, and it happens every day. if you browse Facebook, you will see groups that post about lost and found dogs. There are

Animal Shelters in Singapore for Lost Pets

The Safety of Lost Pets is Possible in Some of the Animal Shelters in Singapore People consider pets their best friend and companion that gives them joy and comfort even in their most difficult times. A pet is not just something you buy or adopt because they are also capable of giving you the unconditional love

Ways to Prevent Loss of Pets

Details to Prevent Loss of Pets One of the things that pet owners fear is losing their buddy that is not caused by death. Even if you think that your dog is always safe, you should be aware of the things you must do to prevent them from getting lost. There are many ways that

Loss of Philippine Birth Certificate

Loss of Philippine Birth Certificate – What You Do to Get Another Copy The Philippines Birth Certificate is a vital document needed for various government procedures. Not only is it a crucial proof of identity, but it is also required when applying for passports, claiming SSS benefits, applying for driving license, etc. It is also

Loss of Malaysia Birth Certificate

Loss of Malaysia Birth Certificate Can Affect a Lot of Government Procedures When there is a loss of your Malaysia birth certificate, then you will need to re-apply for the registration as soon as possible. An individual cannot sustain in the country without a birth certificate. To apply for a birth certificate duplicate, you can visit

Loss of Malaysia Passport

Loss of Malaysia Passport and What Can You Do About It The Malaysia Passport is a vital proof of your Malaysian citizenship while traveling abroad. It contains your details, such as your birth date, name, place of birth, etc. Thus, it is necessary to take the utmost care of it and see that it does

Loss of Malaysia Identity Card

Application Process for Loss of Malaysia Identity Card The Malaysia Identity Card, MyKad, is a proof of Malaysian citizenship and is a multipurpose card that can be used as a driver’s license, an ATM card, and other applications. There is also MyKid for citizens under the age of 12, including newborn babies. There are also

Loss of Malaysia Driving License Card

Application Process for Loss of Malaysia Driving License Card Under the Road Transport Act, 1987, a Malaysia Driving License Card is essential to drive any motor vehicle on the roads of Malaysia. If you do not hold a driving license, you can be prosecuted as per the law. First, you have to obtain a Learner’s

Loss of Singapore Passport

Loss of Singapore Passport The Singapore Passport is a crucial document that is an essential identity proof when you are travelling to a foreign country. It bears your particulars, such as name, nationality, date of birth, etc. Hence it is an important document to possess when visiting another nation. The loss of Singapore Passport can

Loss of Singapore NRIC Card

What to Do About Loss of Singapore NRIC Card The Singapore NRIC Card is a document of identity that is compulsorily required for citizens of Singapore as well as for foreign citizens who are permanent residents there. People residing in Singapore must register for an NRIC after becoming permanent residents. The NRIC card bears a

Loss of Singapore Driving License

What to Do – Loss of Singapore Driving License A Singapore driving license is an essential document that is required to drive two-wheelers and four-wheeler vehicles on the roads of Singapore. You need to be at least 18 years of age to apply for Singapore Driving License. First, you have to apply for a Provisional

Loss of Singapore Birth Certificate

Online and Offline Solutions for Loss of Singapore Birth Certificate The Singapore Birth Certificate is a document needed to be possessed by all Singapore citizens. It contains details like the place of birth, the nationality of the person, the hospital details where the delivery took place, and details of the parents. The parents or relatives

Loss of Indian Aadhaar Card

Loss of Indian Aadhaar Card – Why Does it Matter? An Aadhaar Card is a smart card containing an individual’s personal information, used as a proof of identity and address. Due to unfortunate situations, you may have suffered from consequences due to the loss of Indian Aadhar Card. Being an Indian, you are already aware

Loss of Indian Birth Certificate

Loss of Indian Birth Certificate – Why is it a Crucial Document? The Indian Birth Certificate is an essential document that every Indian citizen must possess. The certificate is handed over to the parents or relatives after the birth of a child. It bears the details, such as the person’s nationality, the details of the

Loss of Indian Passport

Loss of Indian Passport – Why Does It Matter? Your Indian passport is a very vital document which has your details, such as your name, sex, nationality, date, and place of birth, etc. The document is an essential proof of identity when you are travelling to a foreign nation. It is the only proof that

Loss of India Driving License Card

Loss of India Driving License Card – Getting a Duplicate Card is an Easy Process According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, an India Driving License card is necessary if you want to drive a four-wheeler or two-wheeler vehicle on Indian roads. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) issues the driving license card. You have to