Learn About Lost Dog in Singapore
March 3, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Learn About Lost Dog in Singapore

What to Do in Case There’s a Lost Dog in Singapore

When a dog gets lost, it is distressing for the dog and the owner. A lost dog in Singapore is not rare, and it happens every day. if you browse Facebook, you will see groups that post about lost and found dogs. There are many reasons why dogs get lost; the gate was not secured, the fence is relatively too low for the dog’s athletic abilities, chased prey, and many other reasons. No matter what the reason is, it is very sad for the owner.

You can do your part as a concerned citizen in helping someone find their dog, and it could happen to you too. Here is what you can do in case of a lost dog in Singapore:


If You are the One Who Lost a Dog

Check Your House

Dogs might hide in weird places, which could make you think they are lost. You must thoroughly check around your house in case your dog is in a tight space. It could be that they went under your bed or couch, behind appliances or cabinets, inside closets, and crawlspaces. These are all ideal sports for your dog to hide in. If this is what happened, make sure to praise your dog or give him a treat. You need to block this spot to make it inaccessible to your dog in the future.

Be Calm About it

Once you realize that your dog is really missing, the last thing you could think of is to calm down, but this is the first thing you need to do. By staying calm, you can think logically about what to do. Losing your dog can be stressful because you do not know what might have happened to him outside. It is important to still think rationally and step by step.

Tell the Authorities

You need to file a police report, call SPCA at 6287 5355 and the Centre for Animal Welfare Control (CAWC) at 1800 476 1600 so they are made aware of your missing pet. SPCA also lets you submit a report about your lost pet by going to their website. This is helpful to those who found your dog in informing these parties. Make sure to have the photos and details of your dog ready:

  • The name of your dog
  • Which breed
  • Your dog’s age and sex
  • Colors and your dog’s mannerisms or habits that define him
  • The time and place where it was last seen
  • If your dog has a collar or ID on him
  • If your dog is aggressive towards other animals or humans
  • How they can contact you

Look Around in Your Local Area

  • When you are searching outdoors, the first place you should check are places where you usually take them out for a walk. You can also look for them in nearby places that they might find appealing., like a dog park or restaurant.
  • Look in the dumpster and under porches, while you continue to call your dog’s name
  • If your dog has a favorite treat or toy, bring it with you.
  • Ask your friends and family to help you by walking in different directions, and this is one of the best ways to quickly find your missing dog.
  • In case you are not successful in your search, lay your dog’s blanket on your porch. When your dog smells the scent, it might help them find a way home

Put up Posters and Flyers

If you print flyers and put them in areas where you last saw your dog. His favorite places also increase the possibility of finding your dog. Normally, if a dog is lost, they go to areas that are familiar to them.

Ask your Community for Help

If there is still no sign of your dog after one night, you need to tell the community already.

You need to contact the veterinary clinics and animal shelters in your community. Make sure to give a detailed description of your dog in case there is a possibility they found your dog. Look in the shelter or clinic personally to see if your dog is there.

However, you must not disclose any distinct details about your dog. If someone calls you and claims to have your dog, ask for a description of any unique mannerism the dog has to see if they are telling the truth. Ask them to send a photo if they claim to have found your dog. Do not meet with the person alone to claim your pet for your own safety.


If You Found a Missing Dog

Analyze the Situation

If you found the dog on a busy road, do not chase it. Stand by and observe to see if it knows where to go. Even if the dog starts running, you still should chase it because it will only worsen the situation.

In case you see the dog in a construction site or an area where there is not much human movement, it most likely lives there.

Observe the Dog’s Condition

A dog on the street could either be separated from its owner or it does not have a home or family at all. Even if all dogs deserve to be loved and need to be rescued, there are certain considerations to make if you try to catch a stray dog. There is a risk of being infected with a disease it carries or you could get bitten without knowing if the dog has anti-rabies shots or not. Therefore, you must be very cautious about it.

  • See if the dog has a collar or ID tag and if you can approach it, ask a vet to scan it for a microchip.
  • Contact AVA and SPCA to find out if anyone is looking for this dog.
  • In case the dog has no microchip, put a Facebook AD about the lost dog you found or put up posters near the area where you found it.
  • If you see that the dog is injured or ill, try to gain its trust by slowly approaching it and feeding it. You must not throw anything at the dog. It would be good if you can put a leash on it. if not, contact the authorities.

Always Protect Yourself

It can be quite dangerous to approach the dog because they can be hostile to strangers or if they have been abused, are sick, neglected, or it is their temperament. You need to protect yourself if you try to help a stray or lost dog.

If it shows hostility and you want to catch it, put a barrier between you and the dog. You can use any object as a barrier to keep it from biting you as you walk closer to it. The barrier should not be used as a weapon to attack or swing at the animal.

Give it Shelter

You can help foster the dog until the owner finds it or a family could adopt him. In case you have fallen in love with the dog and no one is claiming it, you can think of adopting him. Before bringing the dog to animal welfare, you must know that their limits are already stretched because of the other rescues they already have.

Social Media

If you cannot adopt the dog and it clearly has an owner, use social media to help you. Social media is very powerful and it can help the owner know that their dog is with you.

You must post the dog’s information on social media. For instance, make a post about it with pictures and information about the lost dog. You can submit the post to different pet groups that help owners be reunited with their pets.

Learn About Lost Dog in Singapore


If there is No Microchip

In case the dog is not microchipped, you can still find its owner.

  • Call AVA and SPCA to make a report about the dog you found


Prevent Your Dog from Getting Lost

  • Your dog should always have an ID tag where your address and contact number are written.
  • Choose a waterproof and sturdy collar that will not slip off or fray.
  • It is recommended to put a microchip on your dog because it helps animal shelters and vets locate where the owner is and identify the pet.
  • You should never leave your dog alone when he or she is not wearing a leash. When you tie it up, make sure to not lose sight of it.
  • Your property should have security barriers to prevent your dog from running away. The barrier height should be relative to the size of your dog.

You can go to Lost and Found Rewards to help you find your lost dog or if you need to find the owner of a dog you found.