Loss of Malaysia Birth Certificate
January 26, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Loss of Malaysia Birth Certificate

Loss of Malaysia Birth Certificate Can Affect a Lot of Government Procedures

When there is a loss of your Malaysia birth certificate, then you will need to re-apply for the registration as soon as possible. An individual cannot sustain in the country without a birth certificate. To apply for a birth certificate duplicate, you can visit the official website of the National Registration Department, Malaysia.


What Should I Do if I Lose My Malaysia Birth Certificate?

In case you have lost your Malaysia birth certificate, then as a first step, you need to go immediately to the police station to file a report. For a period of around one to two weeks, you will be given a temporary slip which will represent the proof of your lost birth certificate.

The application conditions are as follows:

Re-registration of the birth certificate can only be submitted by the approved people, which are:

  1. The parents of the victim who have lost his birth certificate
  2. The owner of the birth certificate who has his or her own identity proof from the Malaysian government on which birth date is printed.

The second step is to submit an application throughput Peninsular Malaysia by submitting the following documents to any of the NRD offices:

  1. Copy of Birth certificate (In case there is any)
  2. The information form of family – BMK81
  3. Extract of the school register (Original as well as one copy, if any)
  4. An identity card of the British owner of the certificate (Original as well as one copy, if any)
  5. The other available documents with the record of the birth certificate number (Original as well as one copy, if any)


Is There Any Penalty for the Loss of Malaysia Birth Certificate?

In case of a loss of Malaysia birth certificate, there is no charge which is applicable. You can apply for a Malaysian Birth Certificate without any fees.


Is There Any Solution to Recover My Malaysia Birth Certificate?

Yes, the solution available is to apply for a replacement of the Malaysia birth certificate at the NRD (JPN) and submit the relevant documents.

Loss of Malaysia Birth Certificate


What Happens if I Found Someone’s Malaysia Birth Certificate?

You must immediately report the find at the nearest police station if you happen to find someone’s lost Malaysia birth certificate. This is the best help you can do for someone.

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The Malaysia birth certificate is a crucial document that you need to right from the first day. Loss of the Malaysia birth certificate can is not acceptable as this is considered an important identity proof of your existence. Hence, it becomes extremely important to take care of your Malaysia birth certificate and make sure it does not get lost or stolen under any circumstance. For getting a replacement of Malaysia birth certificate, apply quickly at the NRD JPN with the necessary documents.