Loss of Singapore Birth Certificate? Get a Duplicate Singapore Birth Certificate Easily Online
January 19, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Loss of Singapore Birth Certificate

Online and Offline Solutions for Loss of Singapore Birth Certificate

The Singapore Birth Certificate is a document needed to be possessed by all Singapore citizens. It contains details like the place of birth, the nationality of the person, the hospital details where the delivery took place, and details of the parents. The parents or relatives acquire the certificate after the birth of a child. Loss of Singapore Birth Certificate can lead to unnecessary problems as the document is valid proof of being a Singapore citizen and is required for many processes. It is best to safeguard the certificate by keeping it in a safe place and also make photocopies of it, as well as taking photos of it on your mobile.


What Will Happen if I Lose My Singapore Birth Certificate?

Loss of your Singapore Birth Certificate may create multiple problems for you since it is an essential document for various government processes. You will get a replacement for your lost certificate by applying for a birth extract, which is a true certified copy of the certificate.


What Should I Do if I Lose My Singapore Birth Certificate?

If you lose your Singapore Birth Certificate, then first, you can file a report at the police station so that there is an official record of the loss and to ensure that it is not misused. Then you can apply for a birth extract which will be a replacement for your lost birth certificate,

Application for a birth extract can be made in the following two ways:

1. Online method: You have to fill the application form at the official online website.
2. Offline method:

  • You will have to go personally to the Citizens Services Centre in Singapore
  • Get a Q-number and an Extract application form
  • Fill the Extract application form and wait for your turn
  • After your application is processed, you will be handed a receipt

The following documents need to be submitted:

  • Your Identity cards
  • A certified copy of your identification document, such as a passport, driving license, etc. (If you are not a Singapore Identity Cardholder).

If a proxy is collecting the extract on your behalf, these documents will be required:

  • A letter of authorization bearing the name of the proxy and identification number
  • A document of identification of the proxy, such as a passport or ID card
  • Application reference number of the payment receipt

Fees for the extract:

  • For birth extract S$33.
  • Search fees are S$38 for a one-month search period.
  • For every additional one-month search, it is S$38

Mode of payment: Payment for online applications can be made by VISA/Master card or Mastercard Debit card. For applications made personally, payment can be made through NETS or Cashcard.

Time for processing: The processing time for Birth extract is one week if a search is not required. You will be informed when the extract is ready for collection.


Is There Any Penalty for the Loss of Singapore Birth Certificate?

There is no penalty to be given on the loss of the Singapore Birth Certificate. But a fee of S$33 is to be paid for getting a Birth extract. Search fees to be paid are S$38 if the search period is one month, and for every extra search period of one month, S$38 is to be remitted.


Is There Any Solution to Recover My Singapore Birth Certificate?

There is only one solution to recover your Singapore Birth Certificate and, that is to apply for a Birth extract.

Loss of Singapore Birth Certificate? Get a Duplicate Singapore Birth Certificate Easily Online


What Happens if I Found Someone’s Singapore Birth Certificate?

You must immediately report to the police station If you happen to find someone’s Singapore Birth Certificate.

Alternatively, you can contact us and report the lost Singapore birth certificate that you’ve found. We actually reward people who return lost birth certificates for their good deeds!

The Singapore Birth Certificate is a crucial document which is often needed to be shown as proof of your Singapore citizenship when you apply for college or school courses and other government processes. To prevent the loss of Singapore Birth Certificate, you must keep it in a secure place. If you have lost it, the only course of action is to apply for an extract, which will serve as a replacement for your certificate.