Loss of Singapore Driving License Can Be a Headache. The Solution is to Apply Quickly for a Replacement License
January 20, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Loss of Singapore Driving License

What to Do – Loss of Singapore Driving License

A Singapore driving license is an essential document that is required to drive two-wheelers and four-wheeler vehicles on the roads of Singapore. You need to be at least 18 years of age to apply for Singapore Driving License. First, you have to apply for a Provisional Driving License (PDL) before you can start learning to drive on the roads of Singapore. Then after passing the Final Theory Test (FTT), you can take the Practical Driving Test (PDL). You can get a Qualified Driving License (QDL) only on passing the PDL. For that, you have to apply online after passing the driving test using your SingPass account (used for transactions with government agencies in Singapore) via the e-service made for this purpose.

Loss of Singapore driving license can be troublesome as you will not be allowed to drive any vehicle in Singapore without a valid license. Hence it is necessary to take good care of it and keep it safe. It is also advisable to get photocopies of your license or take photos of it on your mobile.


What Will Happen if I Lose My Singapore Driving License?

If you have lost your Singapore driving license, then you won’t be able to drive any vehicle on the roads of Singapore. To resume back to your driving, you need to apply for a duplicate license.

Those who are found guilty driving without a license will have to pay a fine of SG$ 5000 or a jail term for three months.


What I Should Do if I Lose My Singapore Driving License?

If you have lost the Singapore driving license, and you are a Singapore citizen and permanent resident, you can apply for a replacement license by logging with your SingPass account at the e-service or through the Police at SG mobile application. Foreigners needing a replacement license have to go to the TP (Traffic Police) headquarters.

As part of the Singapore Police Force, the TP can enforce Singaporean traffic laws in relation to the nation’s laws. One of their tasks is to verify whether a foreigner who has lost his driving license has a valid student, visit, or work passes. The TP has stopped accepting over the counter applications for replacement licenses. Those not having internet access can avail of the self-service terminals at the TP headquarters or driving centres.

The fees for getting a replacement license is $25, and it can be paid using e-NETS or credit card. Applicants will receive their replacement Singapore Driving Licenses through registered mail within seven working days.

Singaporeans who are overseas can apply for a replacement license through proxy by issuing a written authorization to their relatives in Singapore. The relatives can apply for a replacement on their behalf at the Traffic Police Department, Singapore.

What to Do - Loss of Singapore Driving License


Is There Any Penalty for the Loss of Singapore Driving License?

There is no penalty if you lose your Singapore driving license. However, for a replacement license, you need to pay the fees of $25.


Is There Any Solution to Recover My Singapore Driving License?

The solution for you is to apply for a replacement driving license online using the authorized e-service. You will get a replacement license within seven days of application.


What Happens if I Found Someone’s Singapore Driving License?

If you find the Singapore driving license of someone who has lost it, then report it instantly to the police station.

The Singapore driving license is an important document that all residents must possess in order to drive vehicles freely. The loss of Singapore Driving license can create problems for you. To avoid them, you need to apply quickly online for a replacement license at the designated e-service. You will receive your new replacement within a week of application.


Also, you can contact us and report the lost Singapore driving license that you’ve found. We actually reward people who return lost driving license for their good deeds!