Lost Hamster in Singapore

Lost Hamster in Singapore

Finding Your Lost Hamster in Singapore

Do you like to take care of pet hamsters? In case one of them gets lost, will you be devastated? It is true that hamsters only live for two years, which is why you must give them the best life possible. That means making sure they stay safe and secure from the outside world so he does not get eaten by predators.

In case you lost your pet hamster, you can still find him and there is always hope that you will. If you are in Singapore, there are proper steps to follow so you can find your pet again.

Here are the things you can do:


Call the SPCA

As soon as you realize that your hamster is missing, call the SPCA at 6875355 and report it to them. They are going to put an advertisement in the ‘Found’ section of The Straits Times Classifieds, and the ad will be there for two days. They will put it on their website for five days.
It is also wise to advertise in their ‘lost’ column so more people will see your ad. The number to call for this is 1800289988.


Get in Touch with the Hamster Society Singapore (HSS)

The HSS is a non-profit organization formed by volunteers of animal lovers. Their mission is to rescue, assist, foster, and rehabilitate the unwanted, abused, and neglected hamsters that happen often. Sometimes, people think of taking lost hamsters here in case the owner neglected their hamster and left them to die or survive on their own.

If someone took your hamster to the HSS, you can expect that your hamster is being taken care of while you were looking for it. However, you must contact them right away because if no one claims the hamster in a specific number of days, they will find someone to adopt it.


Search Your Entire Home

Hamsters are small and they can fit into almost anything. Your hamster could be hiding under the furniture, behind the door, in your cabinet and many other places it could have gone to. If your door is always closed, there is a possibility that it is just hiding somewhere in your house.

You must stay calm because panicking will not accomplish anything. This could help you think rationally and logically about where you must look for your hamster.

You should watch your movements because anything sudden could scare them away and change their hiding spot.


Try to Lure it

If your hamster is just inside your home, you can bring out its favourite snack while trying to find it. Hamsters generally like to keep food in their cheeks for the stock, but if they run out, they will normally go back to the source. Hence, keeping their bowl full might make them come back because of hunger.

In case you have other pets at home like a dog or cat, you must keep them away from your hamster’s cage because it might prevent your hamster from coming back. They will get scared of the bigger animal and just remain in their hiding spot.

In case you have looked in every corner of your home and you still did not find your hamster; he might have really wandered off.


Tell Your Neighbors

You must inform your neighbours that your pet hamster is missing so they can keep an eye out for it. There is a chance that your hamster is hiding in their lawn, in the bushes, grass, and many other places.


Give Out Flyers

You can give out flyers and put up posters of your missing hamster in case they have seen it hiding somewhere.

Make sure to put a photo of your lost hamster on the flyer and poster so your hamster can easily be identified. You must also include your name and how people can contact you in case they find your missing hamster.

Lost Hamster in Singapore


Keep Your Hamster Safe

Your hamster’s cage must always be secure and away from any potential predators. If you have cats at home, they must not be able to reach your hamster’s cage or keep it in a room that your cat does not go to.

Hamsters are great pets because they are smart, quiet, and cute which is why losing them can make you sad. If you lose or find one, do not hesitate to contact Lost Found Rewards.

Posted on September 3, 2020 by Dende in Blog