Lost Rabbit in Singapore
September 3, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Lost Rabbit in Singapore

Lost Rabbit in Singapore: Should You Panic?

Responsible pet owners know what to do to make sure pets are kept safe in their homes. If you own a rabbit, you can put him in a suitable enclosure that is the right size for him to move freely. Make sure he has enough water, food, and toys to keep him entertained.

However, there are times when unfortunate events happen to like your rabbit gets lost. This is something that can be devastating and uncontrollable because your rabbit could have gone far. You can still find your lost rabbit, but you must do the right steps in order to be reunited with him.


You Must First Calm Down

he first thing you must be is to calm down. It might seem impossible at this moment, but you must. You have to be calm to think of the right thing to do. It keeps you logical and rational. Trying to find a lost rabbit can be a long process because you can have false leads and close calls. Therefore, the most important thing is to address the situation with a clear mind.


Call the Authorities

You must file a police report and call the SPCA at 62875355 and AVA/ Center for Animal Welfare Control (CAWC) at 18004761600 so you can tell them about your lost rabbit. The SPCA also accepts a lost pet report, which is helpful when people find your pet and they can tell the SPCA and CAWC. You must have your rabbit’s information ready, like his name, age, breed, sex, colour pattern and distinct habits, where the rabbit was seen last, and your contact details.

This way, people can easily identify what you are looking for and can call you.


Make Flyers and Posters to Put Up

If you put up flyers and posters, it is a way to let people know what you are looking for. You can even distribute these flyers to everyone. You must include a picture of your rabbit if you will give a reward (don’t say how much), your contact information, any markings on your rabbit that makes him unique, and its size.


Social Media

With the power of the internet, you can take advantage of it by posting about your lost rabbit on social media.

You must post your rabbit’s information on social media like you can post a Facebook status about your missing rabbit with pictures. You can also create a Facebook event page. Then, ask your friends and family to like and share your post or event. By doing this, you will be able to build a community who can help you find your pet and to easily provide you with real-time updates if someone has any information about your rabbit.

Your social media must be set to “public”, which allows people to view the post when it is being shared.


Stay Away from Scams

If you are talking to someone you don’t know and claims to have known where your pet is, ask the person to describe your pet thoroughly before giving any information. If the person fails to tell you the identifying characteristics that you did not put in your advertisements, the person might be lying. You must be very careful of someone who asks you to send money before they return your pet.


You Must Not Give Up

There are animals who get lost for months and get reunited with their owners. An indoor pet has a greater chance of being given back to you if they wear a collar and ID tag that has your information on it like telephone number and address. You can consider asking a veterinarian or animal shelter if they can put a microchip on your rabbit in case he gets lost.

Lost Rabbit in Singapore


Security Barriers

Rabbits are relatively quiet animals and it is very hard to know if they suddenly escape because you will not hear any sound. You can put barriers so your rabbit does not wander into an area outside your house like in the lawn or garden. There is a chance that they will escape or someone could steal them. You never know what people might do to your pet rabbit.

If you lost your pet rabbit or found one, you can contact Lost Found Rewards to help you find your pet or the rabbit to be reunited with his owner.