Taking Care of Disabled Pets You’ve Found
September 3, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Taking Care of Disabled Pets You’ve Found

Finding a Disabled Pet

It can be challenging to care for disabled pets, especially when you found it unexpectedly. The animal does not know you and you do not know what it needs because you are not the owner. A disabled pet needs your care and attention until the owner has been found. This is because they have special needs and treatment that must be given every day.

In case the time comes when you encounter one, you must know what to do. After all, every pet surely needs more care than others and its owner is worried.

You can find information here on how to care for the pet and where you can take it to.


Take it to a Vet

If you found a disabled pet, you must first take it to a vet to find out what you can do while it is under your care. They can help locate the owner by scanning the microchip. In case the pet does not have a microchip, the animal might have to stay for you for a while until the owner is found.


Contact Lostfoundrewards

You can come to them to report a lost pet or if your pet goes missing, They will help locate the owner so their pet can be reunited with them right away. Their lost and found system is reliable and responds quickly.

In case you have to care for the pet for a while, you must take these into consideration:


Check Your Home to Make Sure it is Safe

For instance, if you found a blind dog, they cannot see the dangers they might encounter in their path. If your house has stairs, you can put a barrier to keep the dog from having an accident there. In case the dog is paralyzed or has weak legs, they might have a hard time getting up and walking on a tiled or hardwood floor. You can place rugs or make him wear non-slip shoes to keep them from slipping.


Make Changes

If you want to properly care for the disabled pet, there are components you must address:

  • Relieving their pain – The pain of a disabled pet can be relieved through medication, good nutrition, complementary and other forms of medication. Physical therapy also helps. Sometimes the pain of what a pet feels is not always linked to their disability, which is why you must have a proactive approach to manage the pain.
  • Their Mobility – Different disabilities can cause compromised movement. It does not matter if the animal has paralysis, an amputated arm or leg, etc. because you can help the animal stay mobile. Their size determines if you must use a wagon, pouch, or sling to carry them around. There are pet wheelchairs that can help them move around freely.
  • Waste elimination – A disabled pet might have a hard time pooping or peeing on its own. If you work with the dog or cat, you can help him or her on a regular schedule.


Check if the Pet is Injured

This is most important in paralyzed pets. Not being able to feel could mean they do not feel it if they have an injury. Their immobility or incontinence can give them sores. To prevent more injuries, make sure that the area where you will put them does not have any objects that can cause accidents. For the pets that drag their hind legs, you can cover the area with a cloth or bandage or lessen skin damage.

Taking Care of Disabled Pets You’ve Found


Exercise with Them

A lot of disabled animals are scared of getting up and moving around because they want to avoid getting hurt. If the pet is blind, they might not want to run or play because you might have furniture they might run into. However, exercise is important and healthy for pets. Since you are there for guidance, you must exercise and play with them. This will make sure they are not stuck laying around all day without any physical activity.


Disabled pets are beautiful creatures that need constant love, care, and attention so they can live a fulfilled and happy life despite their state. You must contact us in case you found a pet disabled that needs to be reunited with its owner.