How It Works

We Are Your Lost & Found Solution!

Using Lost and Found Rewards is simple – we provide the best way to get lost items recovered back to our individual and corporate users.

Lost Found Rewards is convenient for all individuals and businesses in Singapore to use and offers several stickers tags that comes with different sizes. Lost items can be posted up via chargeable listings ranging in price depending on how many tagged items and postings each company requires. With Lost Found Rewards, contacting the rightful owners becomes easy!

Lost Found Rewards sticker labels can be attached on anything that you want to protect! As long as labels can be attached, you can protect it! Should you found any lost item protected by Lost Found Rewards, just follow the simple steps below.

Lost and Found Rewards - How It Works?

Found An Item?

Recovery Link

Item is likely tagged with a recovery link. Visit the link.

Match Items

Ensure lost item matches to the lists of lost items the owner is looking for. If no posting found, go the extra mile, email the owner directly!

Contact Owner

Take photos of the lost item (front & back) for verification purposes. Email owners the photos and tell them about the lost item they are finding.


Return to the rightful owners and be rewarded! In the event should the company no longer keen in wanting the item back, no rewards will be given and you may keep the item.