10 Unusual Pets You Can Find
September 21, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

10 Unusual Pets You Can Find

You Can Have These 10 Exotic and Unusual Pets in Singapore

Those who belong to the animal rights group and the public always have a negative view of unusual animals being pets. Once they see that you own unusual pets, they are going to have negative thoughts and say things like you can’t keep it in the house, that animal belongs to a zoo or in the wild, and many other reasons. The truth is, all animals are from the wild and it does not mean that being a domesticated setting is not good for them.

These animals can be kept as pets, but you must be a responsible pet owner and keep it from the public so it will not be a threat to them.

If you are interested in a unique pet and ready to take in one, there are some unusual pets that you can own. It is a huge responsibility to own a pet, but an exotic one involves more responsibility.


1. Tamanduas and Two-toed Sloths

Sloths are not a threat to people and it is an animal that even an infant can out-crawl. These pets are high-maintenance, and many people believe otherwise.

They have a small captive-bred population and unpopular pets. If you want to accommodate one, you need a big room or an aviary that has huge branches and ropes they can climb on. With proper care, you can meet its welfare needs.

They have teeth, and a person can have an injury from getting bitten in the worst case. When it comes to these animals trying to escape, it is impossible to cause problems for other people.


2. Capybaras

Capybaras are related to guinea pigs, and it is the largest rodent. When it is full-grown, a capybara can grow up to 1.2 meters long, and normally weighs over 45 kg. These are rare as pets and capybaras are never completely domesticated. That is why you must establish a human-rodent relationship while it is still very young. Capybaras require a big outdoor space where they can swim because they are semi-aquatic. They eat grass and need fresh water all the time.


3. Wallabies

Wallabies are a lot smaller than kangaroos, which does not pose a threat or nuisance to anyone. They are banned in some places as pets, but not in Singapore. These animals are outdoor pets, and you must give them a huge pen with shelter.

You can create a connection with them by creating a makeshift pouch and carrying them inside while they are still young until early adolescence. Once you’ve met this requirement, they can thrive in a domestic setting. There are no other reasons why these animals cannot be pets.


4. Mini Donkey

You will be surprised by how many people own a donkey even if it is considered a unique pet to have.
Do not be fooled by the name of this animal because they are not tiny. Mini donkeys grow up to three feet tall and could weigh between 200 and 350 pounds. Mini donkeys have similar needs like a full-size donkey. They need a lot of hay, fresh water, grain, and fenced pasture with a shelter. You must also have them vaccinated, and their hooves must be trimmed every two to three months. Mini donkeys are not solitary, so they would be happier with another mini donkey companion.


5. Muntjac Deer

Like pot-bellied pigs, some people have muntjac deer as house pets, and they are different from other large deer. A muntjac deer can only grow up to the size of a large domesticated cat, and they are reported to be very affectionate.

If you find out that your neighbour has a pet deer indoors, you might find it bizarre and might cause problems. However, other than having to deal with their excessive chewing, they are wonderful pets that thrive like common pets under the right human care.


6. Spotted Genets

Spotted Genets are high in energy and nocturnal animals that behave similarly to cats. They possess the traits of different animals, and also have their own. That is why these animals can be a rewarding pet for anyone who has the tolerance for them.

Owners who prefer to hold and snuggle their pets might want to reconsider having a genet because they are not built for that. They are skittish and do not like being restrained, and they can scratch you. If you want to own a genet, you can expect to have scratch marks. However, with proper care and patience, they can turn into wonderful pets that will not harm anyone.


7. Serval

The serval cat is an amazing average pet for anyone who loves cats. The sad thing is they are usually placed under the same category as lions, tigers, and leopards, which is unfair.

Even if servals are bigger than your average domesticated cat, their built is similar to a cheetah. Serval cats are not known to hurt a child in case it broke free from your home. The truth is there are no human fatalities caused by servals recorded so far.


8. Skunk

Skunks have always been kept as pets since the start of the 20th century, and they were never unpopular. That is probably because of their smelly reputation, but the scent of a domesticated skunk goes away after four weeks of age. Therefore, you would not have to live with the stench if you want to own one. They are intelligent and sensitive animals that are also very curious.

You must bond with them a lot while they are young so they will be used to being held and become tamed. You can litter-train skunk-like cats and their diets are similar to ferrets’, which are veggies to supplement their dry food.


9. Kinkajou

Kinkajous need a big cage and you must give them an outlet because they are nocturnal and their energy is strongest at night. If you handle them correctly, they are wonderful pets for those who love exotic pets. The ringtail cat and coatimundis are closely related to this exotic pet. Those who do not own one should not really complain if someone brings a kinkajou home.

Celebrities who do not know how to handle a kinkajou like Paris Hilton only gave it a bad reputation, but that is far from the truth.

10 Unusual Pets You Can Find


10. Boa Constrictor

Snakes may not be the perfect pet, but the boa constrictor is a lot friendlier than other snakes. Boa constrictors are quite safe and amazing to own as pets. The issue is their size because they can grow to be very large. Before you purchase one, make sure that you have a lot of space.

These are the 10 unusual pets you can find and not illegal in Singapore. Before buying or adopting one, make sure you have all the knowledge on how to care for them. Having enough space is also very important before you own one. You can report a lost and found pet at Lost Found Reward whether it is a common or an unusual one.