Animal Shelters in Singapore for Lost Pets
March 2, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Animal Shelters in Singapore for Lost Pets

The Safety of Lost Pets is Possible in Some of the Animal Shelters in Singapore

People consider pets their best friend and companion that gives them joy and comfort even in their most difficult times. A pet is not just something you buy or adopt because they are also capable of giving you the unconditional love that no one else could. That is why many people are devastated when they find out that their pet is missing. Aside from being sad, many thoughts enter their mind like what if their pet got hit by a car, someone stole it, and other things.

This is the fear of many pet owners, and sometimes they feel hopeless when their pet gets lost. No one wants to have the nightmare of not being reunited with their pet. That is why Singapore has animal shelters that can help.

Here are 7 of them:



SOSD is run a volunteer organization with its dedication to the street dogs of Singapore. This organization is against killing animals and believes that the problem can be managed in a more humane way. SOSD aims to rescue, rehabilitate, and send them to good homes. Hence, they are given another chance to have a nice life. If you love animals and have a passion for dogs, there are various ways of how you can help send these creatures to loving homes. Whether you are interested in adopting, volunteering, or donating to this pet shelter, you are always welcome here. You can:

  • Foster or adopt – There are many people who are drawn to owning purebred dogs only that they are not aware of how rewarding it is to adopt from a shelter. This is a serious responsibility to take on because you need to consider the time, space, and dedication of the dog. If you can provide all of these, you might qualify.
  • Volunteer – If you cannot foster or adopt a pet, you can spend a few hours every week to contribute. Volunteering is fulfilling, and they always need help.
  • Sponsor or donate – In case you do not have the time and space to foster or adopt a dog, you can always sponsor or donate to this shelter. You can check out their wish list and help cover the expenses of this shelter.

You can contact them through Facebook, Google, Twitter, or mail.

Their location is at 59 Sungei Tengah Rd, Singapore 699014


Animal Lovers League

Animal Lovers League (ALL) charity provides shelter to more than 500 dogs and cats. They are strays, traumatized, abandoned, abused, and rescued cats and dogs. This registered, strictly no-kill charity is very dedicated to their mission as they want to encourage everyone to adopt animals instead of buying. They are committed to finding good and loving homes for the animals under their care.

Some of their tasks include treating, feeding, vaccinating, neutering/spaying, and giving them check-ups. Aside from that, they also feed strays they find on the streets.

ALL prioritizes these strays and you can adopt if you have the means to. You can also volunteer or donate to their cause. Keep in mind that if you lose a pet, they can help you.

If you need to contact them about your missing pet or want to help out, you can reach them through InstagramFacebook, and Email.

Their email add is:

Mailing address is: The Animal Lodge 59 Sungei Tengah Road Block Q #01-29 Singapore 699014


Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)

Action for Singapore Dogs is a non-profit organization that started in December 2000. Their mission is to make the lives of stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore better. They have a no-kill policy because they believe that all dogs deserve another chance to have a good life.

They fulfill their mission by doing different activities and programs such as rescuing, fostering, and sending them to forever homes. They are advocates of sterilization so the stray population can be controlled. They are also an advocate of responsible pet ownership that highlights the local dog virtues and Singapore specials.

ASD has rehomed over 3000 dogs, and they currently have 150 dogs under their care. The 150 dogs are at their Adoption & Rescue Centre, and chosen foster homes.

They need manpower and monetary resources to continue doing their mission. You can contact them if you lost a pet, for volunteer work, sending a donation, fostering, adopting, or even sponsorship.

You can contact them through info@asdsingapore.comFacebook, and Instagram



Cats are also great pets because they are loyal, intelligent, easy to take care of, and they make great companions for any family.

When their occupancy rates allow it, Nekoya Hotel assigns a cabin that serves as a shelter for the kittens that need a home. They also want to collaborate with independent fosterers that can take in cats. They hope to find a loving happy for these cats, where they can grow up in. The hotel is also a convenient, casual, and open location where the foster kittens can be viewed by interested parties. However, you need to set an appointment.

Before you bring a kitten in, make sure they have been dewormed, vaccinated, free of parasites, and negative for FIV/FeLV.

If you rescued a kitten, you can contact Nekoya through InstagramFacebookTwitter, and phone (6926-6470)

They are located at (East) 797 Geylang Road, (West) 9 King Albert Park


Hope Dog Rescue

Hopedogrescue is a group of people who came together with one purpose and that is to give love and hope to the street dogs in Singapore.

It is run solely from kindness and the goodwill of their volunteers, and passionate contributors. They do their best to help animals that have been neglected, abandoned, and abused. Hopedogrescue believes that a little hope can make a huge difference in the life of an animal.

Hopedogrescue is a non-profit organization that depends on its volunteers and contributions from loyal supporters.

HOPE does not have its own physical shelter or office, so they work from different locations in Singapore. The rescues they perform could happen at any time.

You can adopt a dog or volunteer to help them continue their mission in saving the streets dogs in Singapore.

You can email them at or


Cat Welfare Society

Back in July 1999, a report was published in the newspaper that 5 kittens were burned alive. A few friends were outraged when they heard the news about what could happen to innocent animals in Singapore every day. That is why they got together to help the stray kittens and cats in the streets. This is how it all began.

Cat Welfare wanted to form a group that will serve as a strong voice for cats and more effective in representing them humanely and accurately. They also have the right to not experience and suffering.

Over the years, Society has gotten stronger that amasses many volunteers all over Singapore. Their work has started to include stray management, community mediation, frontline intervention, education outreach, foster care, rescuing, rehoming, and many other programs. They also have a no-kill policy and they have spay/neuter programs to control the feline population.

If you want to contact them to adopt, volunteer, donate, or sponsor, here are the details:

Lost pets: 62875355

Emergency: 62875355 ext. 9

Animal cruelty: 62875355 ext. 9


Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

The SPCA is a non-government agency that aims to show compassion to all animals. They are promoting kindness towards animals by educating, taking action, and advocating against animal cruelty.

They provide:

  • Investigations against animal cruelty
  • 24-hour animal emergency rescue
  • Shelter for abandoned, unwanted, and stray pets
  • Free veterinary care, spay/neuter surgeries to control the animal population in the community
  • Education programs in schools, and SPCA group visits
  • Talks, workshops, and seminars
  • Adoption
  • Foster care for animals
  • Lost and found animals
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Rehoming of their shelter animals
  • Advocating for the animals in the wildlife, entertainment, food, laboratory, and fashion industries

Every month, SPCA receives over 150 stray and pet animals. Included in the 150 are lost dogs which they check for microchips. They also check if they are advertised to help them find their owners.

SPCA relies on donations from its supporters so they can continue the role of being animal protectors in Singapore.

Their location is at 50 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699012

You can call them at 62875355

Animal Shelters in Singapore for Lost Pets



Each day, there are millions of animals all over the world that are being maltreated and they do not have a voice. Most unwanted ones are abandoned or dumped in a shelter without knowing when they will find a home that will unconditionally love them. We at Lost Found Rewards are dedicated to helping you find your lost pet because we know that you cannot sleep at night thinking of your lost furry friend.