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Enquiry of Lost and Stolen Property in Singapore

Lost and Stolen Property in Singapore

Losing something could make you anxious. However, you’ll need to stay calm and find what you can do to get it back. Here is everything you need to know about lost and stolen property in Singapore and what to do about it.


First Thing’s First, Stay Calm

Things get misplaced or lost, it happens. Although the immediate (and often automatic) reaction for most people is to panic right away, do your best to stay calm. Take a couple of deep breaths if you have to.

Panicking doesn’t allow you to think clearly, and this in turn will stop you from taking action. It can also wear you down mentally and physically.

Thus, it’s essential to stay calm and tell yourself that staying calm is the only way you could get your item back.


What to Do When You Experience Lost or Stolen Property in Singapore

Once you’ve had a moment to gather your thoughts, the first thing to do is contact the Singapore Police Force. This department will help to retrieve lost or stolen property in the city-state.

Singapore PR holders and citizens can use SingPass to lodge a report online. The process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Be as specific as you can with the details. The more information you can give the police, the better.

Enquiry of Lost and Stolen Property in Singapore

When Should I Contact the Police?

An investigation or enquiry of a lost or stolen property in Singapore must be done within 7 calendar days. This is from the time you realised your belongings were lost or stolen.

Online reports can be done for items that have a serial number, brand, model, or IMEI number (laptops, mobile phones, and cameras). You can also lodge reports online for watches and portable media players.

If you lost other belongings or if they have been stolen, it is best to go in person to the Singapore Police Force.


Locating Your Belongings

Ideally, you would have information about where you might have lost your property (or had it stolen). Details about when, where, and why, would be of great help to the Singapore Police Force.

For example, if you lost your property on the Singapore train or bus system, you would contact SBSTransit Lost and Found. Alternatively, you could contact SMRT Lost and Found or call the number listed on their webpage. It is important that you report your enquiry of lost or stolen property in Singapore to the relevant authorities.

If you lost an item, about Singapore Police may have found it and kept it in the Found and Unclaimed Property Office in the Police Logistics Base. With any luck, your belongings could end up there. Did you know that there is a Lost and Found Rewards program too?

Yes, this encourages anyone who finds missing belongings to turn them in and get rewarded for it instead of owning them. This makes it much easier for rightful owner to reward anyone who have found the missing belongings.


Need More Support?

There are also other relevant departments that you can contact to recover your lost or stolen property. This includes identity cards and passports. Of course, this step should be done after you have made the police report.

The first step (after making a police report) is to contact your bank have your debit and credit cards cancelled immediately. Even if there is a possibility you might recover your property, canceling your cards is still a pertinent course of action. You never know what could happen between now and when you’re reunited with your belongings.

Here are some local authorities to report to when you lose the following property:

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) – Reporting the loss of your National Registration Identity Card (within 14 days).
ICA – Reporting loss of Singapore passport (Immediately).
Ministry of Manpower (MOM) – Reporting loss of work permit (within 7 days).
Local Singapore Police Station – Reporting loss of foreign passport (immediately).

If you are on holiday in Singapore and have purchased insurance for such a purpose, contact your insurance company too. Keep a close eye on your bank statements over the next few days for any unusual activity. Even if you have contacted your bank to cancel your cards.


Proceed with Caution When Buying Second Hand Goods

Because a lot of stolen or lost property sometimes ends up being resold, you should always be careful when buying second-hand items. Be cautious about phones, laptops, cameras, watches, or portable media players in particular.

The Lost and Found Rewards page is a good page to look for non-documented items. For example, if you lost a pet or a less valuable property, you can always post a photo on the page. Listings are free.