How to Take Care of Dogs Temporarily
September 21, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

How to Take Care of Dogs Temporarily

Man’s Best Friend: Learning How to Take Care of Dogs Temporarily

Knowing how to take care of dogs temporarily might be new to you. Good news for you: Dogs are known as man’s best friend because of their loyalty and unconditional love they can give their owners.
Sometimes, people who find a lost dog and decide to foster them end up adopting them because it is easy to love these beautiful animals. People even say they are better companions, but that really depends on you.

In case you happen to be in a situation where you have to care for a dog temporarily, here are useful tips you are going to need.


Buy the Right Dog Food

The dog will need dog food as soon as you take it. You can take the dog to a veterinary clinic and find out the dog’s age if there are any health issues, and it is nutritional needs.

Different ages and stages will benefit from the right nutrients so your animal thrives and grows up healthy.

You can also ask the veterinarian which dog foods sell the most for your dog’s specific need. Some dogs can be picky, and find out how you can make the dog food appetizing for them if they have never eaten it before.


In Case You Have Other Pets

You must consider other pets in your home before you take care of dogs temporarily. If you own cats, you must make sure that the dog has been observed in the presence of a cat before you take it home and introduce them. Make sure to make them meet other dogs in your home. You must make them meet on neutral grounds to check if they will get along. It might take a couple of visits before you can find out if they can live together. Consider the needs of your existing pets before you decide anything. It is not fair to keep another dog at home if they will be stressed.


Find the Right Veterinarian

All dogs need a good vet. One of the first places you must take your dog to is to see a vet. Your veterinarian is going to monitor your dog’s health, give you tips about proper dog care, and guide you through everything. Look for a veterinarian you can trust with a good team and staff. Most importantly, your lines of communication must always be open between you.

In case of an emergency, you will know exactly who to call because you have found the right vet for your dog.


Assume That the Dog is Not Housetrained

When you bring a dog home, it is common that they do not know that your home is not a big potty. Instead of allowing them to be in a huge space where there is lots of room for accidents, assume they are not house trained. Confine the dog in a crate, exercise pen, or a gated area when you are not home to supervise them.

If you are at home, frequently take the dog outside the confined area and reward them each time they do their business outside. If you will consecutively be away for hours, you must set up dog potty pads where they are confined so that there is a legal space for your dog to go potty when you are not home.


The Dog Will Need Shots

Same as humans, your dog can feel pain and become uncomfortable because of an illness. To give them enough protection, the dog must be vaccinated during their early stages.

Vaccinating your dog gives you peace of mind and keeps your dog from getting seriously ill. Aside from helping their immune system, you will keep from infecting other animals as well.
Injections have to be given during the early stages and booster vaccinates must be issued.
Here are the vaccinations your dog will need:

  • Canine parvovirus
  • Canine distemper
  • Kennel cough
  • Infectious canine hepatitis
  • Leptospirosis


Be Prepared for Behavior Problems

Dogs are imperfect beings just like everyone else, which is why the majority of dog owners are going to face behaviour issues at some point. It could be something like chewing on your things or as simple as excessive barking. You can also encounter more serious issues like aggression or separation anxiety. That is why you must always be completely informed about the behaviour problems before you take care of dogs temporarily.


Care for the Dog Responsibly

This might be one of the most essential things you must know when you have a dog. Being a responsible pet owner is all about committing to the dog for life and accepting the responsibilities of keeping a dog. It could mean taking care of your dog properly while giving respect to your community. If you know that you can do this, then you have the right to take care of or own a dog.

How to Take Care of Dogs Temporarily


Patience is Important

You are new to the dog, and there will be time for adjustment. Your dog is not trying to annoy you if they do something you do not like.

Think of ways to succeed like putting a dog gate to keep them from a certain area, or getting a dog walker to take them out when you are not home.

Be patient. Most of the time, things improve once your dog already feels settled.

These are the tips on how you can properly care for a lost and found dog whether temporarily or for life. You can contact Lost Found Rewards in case you find a lost dog.