The Application Process for the Loss of Indian Passport
January 16, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Loss of Indian Passport

Loss of Indian Passport – Why Does It Matter?

Your Indian passport is a very vital document which has your details, such as your name, sex, nationality, date, and place of birth, etc. The document is an essential proof of identity when you are travelling to a foreign nation. It is the only proof that establishes your status as an Indian citizen in another country. A passport is a crucial document that is required when you are visiting or leaving another country. Hence, it is vital to safeguarding this identity proof document for a lifetime from theft or damage, otherwise, a loss of Indian passport can invite unnecessary trouble to your life.

Your passport must always be in your safe custody or who is authorized by you. Loss of Indian passport can have many consequences, some of which can be very serious. So, it is crucial to always keep the passport details safely, such as the passport number, date of issue, and expiry. You can also take a photocopy of your passport or a picture on your smartphone.


What Will Happen if I Lose My Indian passport?

If you are in a foreign land and have lost your Indian passport, you must contact the Indian Mission to get another passport issued. You need to fill this application form and submit the Indian embassy in the country you are in.

For your return to India, an Emergency Certificate (EC) will be issued after your Indian nationality details have been verified.


What Should I Do if I Lose My Indian Passport?

If you have lost your Indian passport, you have to lodge a complaint immediately at the police station nearest to you and get an acknowledgement receipt. You also need to go to the nearest Passport office and if you are abroad also the Indian Mission. Go to the nearest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) and submit the passport application form together with the necessary documents for a re-issue of your passport. Applications can be sent either by the regular or tatkal schemes.

Details are available on the Passport Seva website. There is also the option for online application for re-issue. You have to go to the homepage of the site, and after selecting the correct option, you will receive directions for making an online application.

The following are the documents to be submitted:

  • Application form of your passport.
  • The original of your FIR report.
  • A proof for your date of birth, such as your birth certificate issued by a municipal officer or your secondary school leaving certificate.
  • A proof of your residential address, such as an Aadhaar card, Election ID card, or telephone bill.
  • An affidavit that mentions where and how you lost your passport.
  • A copy of the first and last two pages of your old passport with your signatures on it.


Is There Any Penalty if I Lose My Indian Passport?

No, there is no penalty for the loss of Indian passport. You only have to pay the fees required for the re-issue of your passport. Under the regular scheme, the fees are Rs. 3000/- for 30 pages and Rs. 5000/- for the Tatkal scheme. For 60 pages, you have to pay extra fees of Rs. 500/- under both the plans.

The Application Process for the Loss of Indian Passport


Is There Any Solution to Recover My Indian Passport?

The only solution is by lodging a complaint to the police station and the passport office if you are abroad, then also the Indian Mission. You can also apply for a re-issue at the Passport Seva Kendra along with documents necessary.


What Happens if I Found Someone’s Indian Passport?

  • You should report the matter at the police station, or you can post it on our website. We are working as a lost and found solution to help people locate their items speedily and safely.
  • You can submit the passport to the nearest embassy and return it at the consular section

Loss of Indian passport causes lots of difficulties for a person, and the only course of action available is to lodge a complaint and then apply for a re-issue. You will get a new passport within 30 days of the application under the regular scheme, and under the Tatkal scheme, you will get it within two to three days.