The Loss of Singapore NRIC Card is a Big Problem. But Don’t Worry - You Can Quickly Get a Replacement Card
January 21, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Loss of Singapore NRIC Card

What to Do About Loss of Singapore NRIC Card

The Singapore NRIC Card is a document of identity that is compulsorily required for citizens of Singapore as well as for foreign citizens who are permanent residents there. People residing in Singapore must register for an NRIC after becoming permanent residents. The NRIC card bears a nine-character alphanumeric code that is unique.

The NRIC is required for specific government procedures and also for purposes like opening a bank account and other matters. Loss of Singapore NRIC Card can create several hassles, and so the card should be kept securely and prevented from loss or damage. You can also get photocopies of it and also take photos on your smartphone.


What Will Happen if I Lose My Singapore NRIC Card?

When you lose a Singapore NRIC Card, you must report it immediately. Not getting a replacement for the same is an offence under Singaporean Law.

NRIC is an identifier for residency in Singapore and hence it is important to possess one.


What Should I Do with the Loss of Singapore NRIC Card?

If you happen to lose your Singapore NRIC Card, then the first step you need to do is to report the matter to the ICA within 14 days of the loss. If somebody has stolen the card, then go to the police station to register a complaint. Next, you can apply for a replacement card at the ICA.

During application, you need to submit the following documents:

  1. A recent passport-sized colour photo.
  2. A statutory declaration or a police report.
  3. If you are including a religious name, a Baptism or religious certificate.
  4. In case you are changing the name, a deed poll.
  5. If you are including your marriage name, a marriage certificate.

For permanent residents, additional documents are required, such as:

  1. The passport that is being used currently.
  2. Any certificate of identity.
  3. A Malaysian Identity card (If needed).
  4. An Entry and Re-entry Permit.

These documents need to be submitted to the ICA personally on working days. You also need to pay the fees of $100 for the first loss and $300 for further losses. You will be provided with a collection slip after making the due payment. The slip will bear a date from which the new identity card can be collected. The original collection slip has to be shown at the time of getting the card. The collection counter will verify your identity with biometrics.

The Loss of Singapore NRIC Card is a Big Problem. But Don’t Worry - You Can Quickly Get a Replacement Card


Is There Any Solution to Recover My Singapore NRIC Card?

If someone finds your NIRC Card and post it to you, you can find one. If you aren’t currently residing in the address mentioned in the card, then please find out if your NIRC Card has been delivered there.

Police may contact you if they find your NIRC Card.


What Happens if I Found Someone’s Singapore NRIC Card?

If you found someone’s Singapore NRIC Card, then report the card to the nearest police station as soon as possible. They can also post it to you.

The Singapore NRIC Card is a crucial document that is an identity proof of your being a Singapore Citizen and must always be kept safe so that it is not lost or damaged. If there is a loss of Singapore NRIC card, then the only way to recover it is to first complain to the ICA, or if stolen, to the police station, and then apply to the ICA for a replacement card. After paying the required fees, you will get a collection slip showing which you can get your new identity card.


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