Lost Bird in Singapore: What to Do
September 21, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Lost Bird in Singapore: What to Do

Find Your Lost Bird in Singapore

People deeply care for their pets and they feel sad when their pet gets lost. They can run away and there could be many reasons why. Regardless of what the reason is, losing a pet bird is painful and it can be harder to find them because they can fly.

Before finding your pet, you must also do your part as the owner so the process becomes easier. If you are unaware of what you must do to find your lost bird in Singapore, you can follow the tips given here.


1. Contact the SPCA

You can call 6287-5355 to make a report about your missing bird. Do this as soon as you discover that your bird is lost. Your report will be advertised for two days in the ‘Found’ section of Straits Times Classifieds. They will post it on their website and it will be there for five days.


2. Call the Animal & Veterinary Service at 1800 476 1600

There is a possibility that they picked up your missing bird.


3. Create Flyers of Your Lost Pet

In the flyer, make sure to specify the breed, colour, size, gender, colour pattern, and other unique characteristics of your pet that makes them easy to identify. The fonts you use must be clear and readable even from afar. You must include your pet’s photo and how people can contact you.


4. Search Your Nearby Area Properly

Small pets like a bird can end up in the most unexpected places. You must search for your entire house and garden. Look for them on every tree, on the roof of your house, wardrobes, on your neighbour’s property (ask for permission), etc. Birds can also fly away if something frightened them, but you can lure them back by calling their name or putting out their favourite food on your lawn or backyard. Birds can fly away, but they know where their home is if they want to come back.


5. Your Search Must Be at the Right Time and Places

If your bird is awake at night, you must search for them during this time, and if they are more active in the day time, search for them before it gets dark. You must also have the right gear based on the behaviour of your pet and habits.


6. Ask Help From as Many People as Possible

Tell your friends, family, neighbours, and ask them to help you distribute copies of the flyers. You can ask the security guards, street cleaners, passerby, or anyone if they saw your pet bird. Do not hesitate to talk to them because they might be able to help.


7. If You Found Your Pet, Inform Everyone

This is polite and the right thing to do once you have found your pet. Make sure that it will not happen again. You must:

Make sure that the birdcage is always secure to keep your bird from escaping. There are birds that are intelligent enough to lift the lock of their cage and get out. You can put an additional lock on the cage door that your pet cannot open.

You can put a tag on your bird so they can easily be identified in case someone happens to catch them while they go missing. These tags are inexpensive and you can easily find them in pet stores or online.
If you think that microchips are only for cats and dogs, you are wrong because they are also birds. You can have your pet bird microchipped and you can have peace of mind.

You must never let your bird wander around the house without your supervision because they can easily fly out the door when they get a chance. This could also happen if something scares them and they find a way to escape.

Lost Bird in Singapore: What to Do



Pets are like family and it is important that you get them back in case they get lost. Birds can be hard to catch, but with our help, you can find them again and be reunited.

Pets can get lost, but it is a lot harder if it’s birds or any creature that can fly. However, finding them is still possible with the help of Lost Found Rewards because they have a good and honest system that will unite you with your bird.