Pet Flyers: Ultimate Guide to Writing Them
September 21, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Pet Flyers: Ultimate Guide to Writing Them

Making Pet Flyers for Your Missing Beloved Animals

In case your pet goes missing and you put up posters, but no one has called you yet, you might have to improve your poster. Since you want to find your missing pet right away, it has to effectively catch people’s attention.

Your poster must be unique, and what you must keep in mind is putting a nice photo of your pet to get more people to respond. This is not the only detail you must pay attention to, however.

To increase the chance of finding your missing pet, you must not commit the common mistakes that a lot of pet owners make while making to their lost pet poster. The mistakes could be that they are unreadable because they are too small, poor quality of the missing pet’s photo, or there is too much or too little information written on it.

If you want to know more about how to create effective pet flyers, here are tips you must follow.


Why Are Pet Flyers Better?

The good thing about flyers is they circulate fast. When you give a person a flyer, they will then give it to someone else and then the process is repeated. The good thing about passing the flyer to another person does not mean they will forget about it. Your lost pet’s photo will be stuck with them, and if they see them, they will know what to do next.

People look at it to be polite. When you give them a flyer, they most likely look at the photo and read the information on it. That can be enough to have the info of your lost pet to be stuck in their mind.
When you hand out flyers, you are reaching a huge number of people. You can pass the flyers around, and give them in restaurants and shops. You can also put them on an information board in the entire city.


Put a Large Photo of Your Pet

You might think that people will find it easier to realize they see your lost pet if you only put a large photo of their head. In case they only passed by him, they did not have a good look at their face. They will most likely notice just their coat and size.

Make sure that the photo you put is very clear and makes your pet easily recognizable by everyone who sees them.


Use the Right Font and Format

You must make sure that the font and format are clear and simple. Avoid using different font styles on the flyer because sticking to one style makes it more distinct.

Use clear fonts and bold lettering. Avoid using fonts that have a lot of flourishes because this can be difficult to read from afar.

If you do not know the right format for the flyer, you can follow a template when you make it. You can find templates online for making an effectively lost pet flyer.

The font size should be 72 because it can be read from a moving vehicle and easy to read on a flyer that it will stick in their mind.


Put the Right Text

Aside from using the right font and format, you must know what to write. Make sure the words are brief and write the words “LOST DOG”, or “LOST CAT” in bold and capitalized. Use that as the heading to attract attention. Once people see this, they will know it is for a lost pet. You can also put main descriptions like “GOLDEN RETRIEVER”, or “MAINE COON” or whatever their breed is. These words could easily stick to the mind of a passerby while they travel through the neighbourhood.

Put your contact information like your phone number, email address, etc.

Add more information about your pet like their size, and write that your pet is not dangerous so people will not be afraid to approach them if they find your pet.


Make Enough Copies

Do not underestimate how many flyers to make because you never know how many people you will come across. It is best to have at least 150 copies to be sure that you will not run out. If you do, at least you were able to give them to a good number of people and you can always print more.

Pet Flyers: Ultimate Guide to Writing Them


Do Not Include a Reward Even if You Will Give It

Most people advise not to put it even if your brain is telling you that it is important in the problem of dealing with a lost pet. You will be better off attracting people who are concerned and want to help compared to those who only want a reward.

However, the decision to write this on the flyer is entirely yours. A nice reward can definitely catch the attention of people about your missing pet. It just might not be the kind of attention you want and you must be very careful when someone claims they have your pet.

Make sure that when you make lost pet flyers, follow these tips. It also helps to contact the veterinary clinics or shelters near you because that is where most likely people will first take them to. If you have a lost and found pet, contact Lost Found Rewards.