Step To Follow If Wallet Lost In Singapore
August 21, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Steps To Follow If You Lose Your Wallet

Check Out Steps To Follow If You Lose Your Wallet In Singapore

Life is uncertain and we never know what may happen. Have you ever lost your wallet or thought about what you will do if you lose your purse? We sure know that nobody wants that to happen because a wallet is such a valuable asset. Losing a wallet is going to be the most frustrating and traumatizing experience that you can ever have.

Here is a step-by-step guide that probably will help you get back your valuable purse if you lose one in Singapore. If the steps don’t work, then come to us at Lost & Found Rewards and we will help you find yours. Whether it’s mobile devices, laptops, purses, or any other expensive item, we help you recover lost possessions effectively.


Significant Steps To Help You Find Your Wallet

Confirm If Your Wallet Is Lost Before

You are panicking as soon as you realize that you have lost your wallet. You must make sure your wallet is missing or lost and try to remember when was the last time you saw it. It’s recommendable to check your bags, pockets, and other’s bag if you are going with someone and your surroundings before filing a complaint. You can call Tower Transit Lost and Found, SBS Transit Lost and Found, or taxi companies if you think that you lost your wallet on public transport.

Block Your Misplaced Credit and Debit Cards

If you have not found your lost wallet, you must speak to your issuing bank and block all the missing cards immediately. Even if you don’t think that someone has stolen your cards, it’s preferable to be on the safe side and immediately block the transactions on all your cards. Remember that getting a replacement card is a hassle-free process instead of disputes over lost money through your card.

In Case Of Theft Is Suspected, Make a Police Report

If you strongly believe that your wallet, credit cards, and other personal documents are stolen, you must make a police report. You can visit the nearest police station or can report online. With the CCTVs all around, police can help you find the thief and reunite you with your wallet. Additionally, the police report is also necessary as documentation for creating an insurance claim.

Call Your Insurer

In case, if you lost a laptop or any other valuable item that has an insurance plan or something like Wallet Protection Insurance, then it’s better to contact your insurer to compose claims and get repaid for the cost of your lost items.

Examine Your Bank Statements

It’s preferable to check your transaction history if you receive card statements after misplacing your wallet. You need to check if there are any falsified transactions or not. If you find any of the fraudulent transactions, it’s better to contact your bank so that you don’t remain liable to pay those charges.

What’s The Most Affordable and Hassle-Free Solution To Find Lost Items Shortly?

Losing a wallet can be a costly affair if you were carrying extra cash. But, don’t lose hope and try everything that you can to recover your wallet.
If you have lost your valuable items in Singapore and want to recover your lost items back rapidly, but don’t know who can help you, then worry not!

Lost & Found Rewards is your answer who aims to bring valuable items back to the rightful owners in no time. The best part is if the tags and postings are reasonably priced, which can protect your precious items in the long term.