Why Cats Run Away from Their Owners
September 3, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Why Cats Run Away from Their Owners

Reasons Why Cats Run Away Unexpectedly

Cats are known to be curious animals. Their independence gives them the confidence to explore beyond their territory and mark it with their scent. In general, they do this to keep rival cats from invading their territory or to signal that they are available for mating.

Since they are very territorial, it might be strange that cats run away from an area they are protecting. It is even more unusual when there are people who give their needs and take care of them because you cannot think of reasons why they would run away.

If you are a cat owner or want to have one, you must know the reasons why cats run away.


They Want to Look for a Mate

Cats are very reproductive. This means when they are in heat or there are other cats in the area, they will look for them. The sharp senses of a cat can detect the location of another cat that is ready for mating. They can just go over any fence to get to them. Sometimes, cats go further away when they are searching for a mate. This could be the reason why your cat does not go home for several days.

Some cats can go missing when they are about to give birth. They will look for another place, where they can build a nest that is usually hidden. This ensures giving birth in a safe environment with no disturbances.


Injured or Sick

Your cat might be roaming around in an area nearby when it had injuries. Other animals could have caused this, or they were hit by a car. It could also be that the cat had developed a sickness when they ran away, which keeps them from returning home because they are weak. As many people are aware of, it is common for cats to run away before they die. This is the case when cats are old and ill because they just want to be alone and rest.

Injured cats also hide in nature to stay away from predators that might attack them. Cats do not like to show signs of weakness or pain. The survival instincts of cats are triggered and they want to see if they can prolong their lives.


To Avoid Danger

The cat’s stimuli intimations make up how they perceive the world. While their owners believe that everything is fine, cats may sense danger and escape to secure themselves. This could cause them to run away from home. For instance, a cat may run away from home a day before something tragic hits like a fire or earthquake.



Cats have a good sense of where their territory is, which might go beyond your property. Sometimes cats include the nearby areas in their territory considering it as part of their “home perimeter”. This could include your street, the garden of your neighbour, the entire street or neighbourhood.

Where your cat feels comfortable, he will consider it as part of “home”.

This is why if your neighbour finds your cat sitting on their window, it should not make you worry.
If your neighbourhood has many cats, your cat could get into a fight. Your neighbour’s cat might even consider your backyard as their territory, which can make your cat find another yard. If another cat threatens your cat in their territory, he might not come home as often anymore.


They Want to Hunt

Even if your pet cat is already domesticated, they still have hunting instincts because they descended from wild cats. Therefore, your cat will hunt birds, moles, mice, rats, insects, and rabbits. If your cat does not find their prey close to your home, they might visit other areas so they can satisfy their instinct.

Why Cats Run Away from Their Owners


Your Cat is Distracted

A lot of cats go missing when they are distracted by something nearby. These could include better food, felines that are in heat, or the weather can all cause your kitty to run away.

If your cat runs away more often during the summer, it is probably because they are chasing small animals or insects. This can easily distract your cats, and it can be a common reason why your cat might be missing for a couple of hours or even days from home.

Cats need their independence to satisfy their instinct no matter how much they love their humans back. However, you can prevent your cat from running away for good or going missing by spaying or neutering them. If you lost your cat or you found one, you must contact Lost Found Rewards to help you.