Why Dogs Run Away from Owners
March 5, 2020 by Lost Found Rewards in Blog

Why Dogs Run Away from Owners

Find Out Why Dogs Run Away from Owners

There are many dogs in the shelter that ran away from home and no one claims them. This is very sad and it is the worry of dog owners. They want to give freedom to their dogs by making sure they have room to run and play while keeping them safe. If a dog runs away, they could get stolen, hit by a car, attacked, or be taken to a shelter if someone found them.

You need to know why dogs run away to keep them safe. If you know what they are, you will be more attentive in making sure that your dog will not feel the need to run away. Luckily, the reasons you are looking for can be found here.


They Want to Get Home

If you just moved to a new home, your dog needs to understand that concept. What your dog knows is that the place is unfamiliar to him and wants to go back to your previous home.

You can change this by making your new home familiar to your dog by putting out your favorite belongings that have the scent of home. In addition, you must show your dog around the new area so that he can sniff everything and become acquainted with their surroundings. When you do this, it automatically gives them familiarity. Lastly, you must restrict your dog’s freedom first until you can walk around with him on a leash so he can get used to his new neighbourhood and home.


Easy Routes for Escaping

Not all dogs run away, but they are genetically built for roaming because of their four legs. Dogs are naturally curious and they want to be active so they can discover and explore. If you have a fence that is too low, an open window, or a broken gate, it makes it easy for them to escape and run away to explore.

Of course, it is lovely to open the windows and doors to let the breeze in. You just need to make sure that windows are secured by screens or bars. You can have a dog barrier or baby gate to prevent your dog from running out the door.

You could also watch your dog while he goes to the yard and check if there are holes or weak spots on the fences.


Mating Calls

Intact dogs like to roam, especially males, because they want to find a mate. That is the only reason why. It would also be good to have your dog neutered or spayed, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. If your front yard is open, they will not think twice about running away to look for a mate.

Think about the time when you were younger and thought of running away. Try to remember why you wanted to despite having a home where all your meals and clothing are provided for. What else did you need? Maybe you wanted an adventure? You were not happy with the rules? You wanted to be outdoors and explore? Dogs escape for very similar reasons.


Habit of Your Dog

If you have a dog that is used to being given the freedom to run around and do whatever he wants, and you take that away, your dog might run away. He will miss roaming around because he is used to that. This is common if their environment suddenly changes. For instance, if you moved from the busy city to a rural area. It could also happen if your household dynamic changed like a new baby, marriage, or divorce.

In order to change this behavior, it will require training. Your dog needs to be taught to not just run away because he could. You would have to spend time and effort, together with positive reinforcement so he will change. If you still have trouble with it, you might have to work with a trainer.


They are Bored

It is not just wanting to mate that gets them out of the yard, while others do it because they are bored. You can calm your dog by giving them the 3 E’:

  • Exercise – You should take them out for walking in the daytime. It must be a good walk, which will depend on your dog’s activity level and age. This can help make your dog calm and set them for relaxation while you are not home.
  • Entertainment – Lonely dogs are more likely to feel bored and look for something fun to do outside. It is important to make sure your dog stays active, socialized, and engaged. There are dogs who are okay with spending time on the couch with you. If your dog is high-energy, you must think of playdates or trips so your dog can burn off their energy.
  • Enrichment – You can make your dog do brain activities like puzzles and games.

The yard can be used as a tool for entertaining, enriching, and giving your dog a workout. You must get your users to only having yard time when you are home to supervise your dog.


They are Excited About Something

Fear can make dogs run away, but the excitement has the same effect on them. You may have witnessed your dog spotting a rabbit or squirrel while you are walking together. They almost rip your arm off trying to get it. Think about it if you are not home and this happens – your dog will run off fast, focused on what he wants to chase down.

This can be prevented through training. You must spend time with your dog and work with them until they realize that they should not chase something just because they have the chance to. If you are aware of what excites your dog, you can incorporate that into their training. This does not mean to use a real rabbit or squirrel, but using a stuffed toy squired or rabbit will work for training your dog. Train them on how to remain calm and just stay even if something excites them.


Big Crowds, Loud Noises, and Bright Lights

These things can frighten dogs. You should not stop yourself from celebrating holidays with your friends and family, but keep your dogs in your home while partying. This way, they can feel secure and safe while you enjoy and celebrate.

There could be scary sounds anytime, and they are not only during the holidays. There is gunfire, thunder, and car accidents that could scare your dog. If your dog gets easily spooked, there are a couple of simple things that you can do so they are secured all the time:

  • When you go outdoors, make your dog wear a well-fitted leash and collar. You can also opt for a harness or back-up collar in case you will be in an environment that can trigger their fears. A secure carabiner can be used to attach the collar to the harness. If your dog is scared, it can escape from a loose collar. This is common and it explains why a lot of stray dogs are found nude.
  • A safe space or den must be created for your dog. Your dog must be kept indoors if there is a thunderstorm or celebration that involves loud noises. Be sure to lock your windows and doors.
  • Recall training could also work. Do it every time there is a chance. A dog that is panicking might not answer his name, but if you make can train them to have an instinctual recall reaction, it will be easier for you to call him back.


Catastrophic Events and Weather

Hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, etc. are catastrophic events. If you are prepared for these events, you can prevent anything that could happen to your dog. Wherever you are living in an area where you can experience an environmental threat. For instance, people who live in California are no strangers to wildfires or earthquakes. If you are in Kansas, tornadoes are common. It is not unusual to find lost and runaway dogs in the streets when they happen. You must plan to be prepared for an emergency so that your dog is protected.

Dogs are curious and social animals who love to be with their people. By having foresight and prevention plans, you can ensure the safety of your dog.

Why Dogs Run Away from Owners



If your dog runs away, do not panic. You should contact those who could help you and keep your dog’s microchip updated. Therefore, it is also important to put an ID tag on your dog so they will know who to return him to in case he gets lost.

Doing your part in preparing and training your dog can go a long way in keeping them safe and secure in your home. You must also make sure to give them a lot of love and attention.